Brixie Plastique – Plastic Drag Queen

This is the headquarters for Brixie Plastique, one of the world’s finest fully plastic Drag Queens!

Barigord Studios is helping her take on the challenges of Drag Race Season 14! Check them out below!

Brixie’s Promo Video

Episode 1 & 2 – Talent Challenge (coming soon as part of the Finale)

Episode 3 – A Pair of Balls Challenge (includes Tic Tac photoshoot from episodes 1 & 2)

Episode 4 – She’s a Super Tease Challenge & Night of 1000 J-Lo’s Runway

Episode 5 – Save a Queen Challenge & Spring has Sprung Runway

Episode 6 – Glamazon Prime Challenge & Runway

Episode 7 – The Daytona Wind & Chaps Runway

Episode 8 – 60’s Girl Groups & Heart On Runway (and Reading Challenge!)

Episode 9 – Photobomb Challenge and Shoulderpads Runway

Episode 10 – Snatch Game, Bubble Wrap Mini Challenge, and Holy Couture Runway

Episode 11 – Lip-Sync smack down! – We feel we did so well with our Snatch Game, that we do not have to lip-sync for our lives, and do not need to participate in this nonsense. Good luck, queens!

Episodes 12+ – Moulin Ru, the Rusical, Mirror, Mirror Runway and the rest… will be covered in the Finale! Coming soon!

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