Brixie Plastique – Tic Tac Brick-a-Brac

Hey Lego Drag fans, here’s a message from Brixie Plastique:

Hey out there! I’m still catching up on some of these challenges, but I’ll get there.

For today, I’m serving you my look that I call ‘Bubblegum Cyborg!’ It’s fierce. Watch out for my zapper!

This would have been my entry look, and so I recreated the tic tac photoshoot challenge. Who’s got all the candies? It’s me!

Thanks to my special friend JT, who is going to fill in for the Pit Crew. He’s such a doll. And what a figure!

Love you all! XOXO BRIX

Thanks Brixie! Here’s the best of the photoshoot!

Brixie’s fashions are imagined by Charlene Happy and Josh Hallem.

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