Brixie Plastique – Girl Groups, Heart On Runway & Reading Challenge

Here’s the latest from our Lego drag queen, Brixie Plastique!

Hey actual people, it’s Brixie Plastique.

These last few weeks have been exhausting. It’s been extra tough to be creative, and I know there was a lot of stress in the editing room as we made this latest video. We’re a bit behind on keeping up with Drag Race Season 14 week for week, but we’ll get there.

We had three pretty sizable challenges this week. It’s amazing that our Drag Queens can come up with this stuff, week in and week out. It really shows you how much talent there is in the Drag Community, and how little of it ends up in mainstream media. We’ll get there. You can’t hide talent like that.

We’re covering episode 8 this time, and the challenges were (in the grand tradition of ‘Paris is Burning’) the Reading Challenge, a runway themed with ‘Heart On’ and Girl Groups! I love Girl Groups. We went back to our Canadian roots, and were inspired by ‘The Tiaras.’ Check them out! Their music is on Youtube, and I know they’d want you to hear it!

Our Girl Group was naturally called the Tiarus. We used the music from Ed Mills’ ‘I Got Love’ and wrote some salty lyrics to our new ‘hit’ called ‘Something Something Baby.’

In between the salty sandwich of our song and our reads, we have a little tribute to our heroes. We support all those who work to save lives. Our heart is on for you.



Brixie Plastique’s looks are created by Charlene Happy and Josh Hallem

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