Barigord Studios in June 2022

Hey there people! Here’s what to watch for this month from us here at Barigord Studios!

We’re slowing building up our content, our production pipelines and our audience, and we’re always happy to see you and hear from you! Thank you!

Noggin Doc

Our primary project this month is the short documentary covering British Columbian tinkerer Aaron Turner and his rowing robot, Noggin. We shot some cool footage of Noggin last fall, and we’ll be looking to get more, plus a full interview with Aaron.

We’ll be featuring this video in July.

Brixie Plastique Finale

Our little Lego drag queen, Brixie Plastique, was forced to stop her quest to take on all the challenges of Drag Race Season 14. We lost our primary editing computer in a break-in, and the season passed us by. We still got to the Snatch Game, though, and we love what we did.

We’ve got a great big fun finale in the works to cover the last few episodes, and show some of the stuff we did that never got there. Better late than never!

Looking for Work!

Barigord Studios is looking for work! We’re looking to take on small editing and filmmaking jobs!

We are in the Vancouver, BC area, and can help you make your film, record your live event (no weddings or other social functions), or work with you to put together a proof of concept for your big idea. We’re going to do it for ours.

We would like to put a special priority on content aimed at spreading awareness about Climate Change, and how we can take action as both individuals and a society.

Contact us at

Trivia Night

It’s been tough for live events in public spaces to happen because of the pandemic. We would love for this to be otherwise, but finding ways to stay home and keep safe has been really important to greater social function.

Recently, a hotly-anticipated, no-holds-barred, rock-em-sock-em, fight-to-the-finish, everything-hyphenated-or-your-money-back event was postponed. Trivia night. My family in another province was going, but it’s much better that they stay safe.

It’s our plan here to figure out a way to do a trivia night online for them and any others who’d like to join in. We’re looking to use Youtube, or some other livestreaming app. We’re still figuring this one out, but it could be a lot of simple fun to keep an eye out for.

Lego Lip sync

We’ve done plenty of Lego stop motion now, but since we use actual figures and minimal digital alteration, our minifigures’ mouths don’t move. We’ve got some projects that we could do in Lego if we could get more of an acting performance out of the minifigs, and a big step forward would be getting some moving mouths. We have a cool experiment in mind to get the ball rolling and develop the process.

Lego Racing

Last winter, we spent a lot of time and effort (and studio space) on a massive Lego racing setup. We’ve got plenty of archived footage and it’s way overdue for release.


Finally, on a personal note, I’m looking to shop some written content this month. I have several series pilots and a feature concept, to start. While we’re a production company here, this is the stuff that’s too big for us at this point. It is almost all intended to be animated, and I’d like to pursue the graphic novel potential as well.

If you are interested in helping me get these scripts to production, you can contact me (Josh Hallem) at I’m equally interested in speaking to producers, financiers, and representatives.

Thanks for reading!

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