Brixie Plastique – Glamazon Prime Runway

Hey out there! Brixie Plastique is back again with her take on Drag Race Season 14’s Episode 6 challenge, the Glamazon Prime look challenge. On the show, contestants had to use materials salvaged from a pile of late night shopping done by show judge Michelle Visage. Since she’s not currently available in Lego, we had to use the contents of Brixie’s close friend JT’s rummage drawers. How did Brixie do? Well, it was scary for a while there. Here’s her message.

Hey actual people! Still Brixie….

So I was pretty excited for this challenge. Until I saw what I had to work with. ~nervous laugh~ 

No yeah but seriously. 

The red ribbon of course caught my eye. And the bubblewrap certainly gave me an idea of the silhouette I wanted. I knew I wanted to do a balloon dress. As I was making this I felt at first I wasn’t getting my idea out and I felt like I was spiralling. I felt in a sense I was losing control of my idea. 

Then the more I worked on it I felt more grounded somehow and then I WAS LITERALLY FLOATING! Stilts! Get it?! 

I started out on this challenge feeling like a child who lost their shiny new balloon, to then becoming the floating balloon in the open sky. Running away from that lost child, who was actually me, trying to make art out of this trash. 

What a week. Thanks JT for taking some of the load. You’re a champ, and not just because you’ve got all those swim trophies.

Love Brixie, XOXOXOX

Brixie’s looks are created by Charlene Happy and Josh Hallem

JT voiced by Andrew Wade

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