Brixie Plastique – The Daytona Wind Challenge & Chaps Runway

Here’s the latest from Brixie Plastique, your favourite stop-motion, brick-based drag queen!

Hey there actual people, yet again, it’s Brixie! Tired of me yet?

So this week, I’m the one who’s tired. We shot on location all week, in several different locations. We were on a boat, in a classroom, and in a fancy shmancy hall! All this to make a sequel to The Daytona Wind. Here’s me and J.T. in class!

If you saw episode 7 last week, you saw the queens take on a Southern-fried soap opera that turned out to be a symphony of flatulence. How could we possibly do that justice? Well, the filler queens, J.T. and I put together a spin on The Daytona Wind that’s all Canadian Half-Baked!

We took Canadian classics Degrassi High and Breaker High and mashed them together. What did we get? Decide for yourself. We’re not going to toot our own horns… or are we?!

Also, check out my Chaps look for the runway! Who’s a cowgirl now?

Love always, and peace always too.

The fun we have here is only possible because we live in peace, and we hope to continue to share both with you. Stay safe, actual people!

XOXOX, Brixie.

Brixie Plastique’s looks are created by Charlene Happy and Josh Hallem.

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