Brixie Plastique – Photobomb Challenge and Shoulderpads Runway

Hey peoples, here’s the latest from Brixie Plastique:

Hey actual humans, it’s Brixie Plastique.

We’re still keeping up with the Drag Race season 14 queens on their quest for the ultimate status as a Drag Superstar. Now, the filler queens and I don’t have aspirations at stardom or anything. We just want to have some fun, and share it with you!

Our humans, Charlene Happy and Josh Hallem, both love Drag Race, and doing these challenges speaks to the designer and fashionista in Charlene, and the ‘performance competition’ lover Josh.

On the latest episode, titled ‘Menzeses,’ the queens were first tasked with getting into ‘Quick Drag’ and then inserted into photos with celebrities, aka photobombs. It was just me instead of 8 different queens, so I gave you almost that many photobombs. Let me know what your favourite is in the comments!

Second, the queens formed small groups and performed panels on the topic of ‘Men’. Maybe it should be “Men”. Anyway, they did some straight talk about their experiencezeses with those Menzeses.

We felt like forming a panel with the filler queens wasn’t appropriate, because we’re not real people, and having some funny fiction isn’t what this challenge was about.

So we’ve got a few panel topics in mind, and we’re going to get Charlene and Josh to write their thoughts about them, and we’ll link them here, and post them on, so watch out for those.

Luckily for us, there was a cool runway or we wouldn’t have much of a video this week. It’s shoulderpads! While you might think 1980s womens’ suits, or football players, or even epaulets (you jargon junkie!), we padded our shoulders with some cool armour, and went from there.

Both Charlene and Josh love traditional Japanese Culture, Anime, and both play Magic the Gathering occasionally, which recently dropped a set combining the old and the new in their world of Kamigawa. So yeah, references.

Thanks for keeping up with us. Some of these challenges have been really tough, but I’m glad we’ve kept it up.

Our next video will be covering the Snatch Game, which is everyone’s favourite. Me and the filler queens have all picked our characters, and JT (voiced by Andrew Wade) is going to host! We’ve even got some really cool celebrity guests as our contestants. We’ve got high hopes, but even what looks like a great Snatch Game can be not so great….

Anyway, you can decide for yourselves! In the meantime, enjoy this video, and make the time in your lives to seek love and peace, and a green future for our planet.

XOXOXO, Brixie

Brixie Plastique’s looks are created by Charlene Happy and Josh Hallem.

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