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Our New Barigord Logo – by Adriano Kitani
Barigord Studios has a new logo! Our fierce little hummingbird filmmaker is courtesy of Adriano Kitani! @amkitani
The Barigord Studios 2021 Year in Review
It's the Barigord Studios 2021 year in review post! It's a big post, because we had a big year! Check us out!
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Self-Taught Commander is now Barigord.com
Hi readers! If you've followed the blog over the past couple years, you know that the primary focus has been Magic the Gathering, a card game played by aspiring wizards. …
A Return to Blogging
Hi there readers, old and new. Hello Internet, how are you? It's been a while. Holy crap the flavour text on Unexpectedly Absent is unexpectedly… poignant. Time is that thing …
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Welcome to the blog! Please stay healthy during these troubled times! Here's the latest and greatest. Commander Challenge is a local casual/competitive Commander tournament I play in. I do write …