Barigord Studios 2022 Year in Review
How was 2022 for Barigord Studios? What did we do? How was our year? Check out this post to find out!
About our Logo
Want to know a little bit more about our awesome logo? Check this out!
Our New Barigord Logo – by Adriano Kitani
Barigord Studios has a new logo! Our fierce little hummingbird filmmaker is courtesy of Adriano Kitani! @amkitani
The Barigord Studios 2021 Year in Review
It's the Barigord Studios 2021 year in review post! It's a big post, because we had a big year! Check us out!
About Barigord Studios
Bios and Info on Barigord Studios and our amazing Artists!
Self-Taught Commander is now Barigord.com
Hi readers! If you've followed the blog over the past couple years, you know that the primary focus has been Magic the Gathering, a card game played by aspiring wizards. …
A Return to Blogging
Hi there readers, old and new. Hello Internet, how are you? It's been a while. Holy crap the flavour text on Unexpectedly Absent is unexpectedly… poignant. Time is that thing …
What’s New!
Welcome to the blog! Please stay healthy during these troubled times! Here's the latest and greatest. Commander Challenge is a local casual/competitive Commander tournament I play in. I do write …