Brixie Plastique – The Snatch Game

Hey there, it’s the latest from Brixie Plastique!

Hey actual people! It’s Brixie.

I’m so proud, because there is a certain challenge on every season of Drag Race that is often the highlight of the whole thing. It’s a tough challenge for the queens, and it was a scary prospect for us to try and create. The Snatch Game. How could we even?

Well we did.

If you love the Snatch Game, or comedy in general, this is made for you with love and our particular breed of nonsense. The Filler Queens: Boxanne, S.T. Eve and Silk Teddy, really did a great job.

Special thanks also to Teala Penner, our Wonder Woman, and as always, Andrew Wade as JT.

Check out the description on the Youtube video for info on the music used, and some extra details about some of the content.

The video this week also includes our takes on the Bubblewrap Quickdrag challenge, where we did a little nod to Emmet, star of the Lego Movie, and the Holy Couture Runway, where we were inspired by artistic renderings of Biblically accurate angels.

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Stay safe, seek peace, and accept love. You deserve it, humans.

XOXOX Brixie

Brixie Plastique’s designs are created by Charlene Happy and Josh Hallem

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