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Hi readers! If you’ve followed the blog over the past couple years, you know that the primary focus has been Magic the Gathering, a card game played by aspiring wizards.

However, times and Magic have changed enough that my focus can’t really be on the game anymore, and the website has to adapt and change based on what’s needed now.

I’ll still publish reactions to Magic stuff, and decks and such when I build them, but is going to be the home of Barigord Studios, a creative collective of which I am a part. You can still finad all the Magic content by clicking here, including my archive of the surprisingly funny Phyrexian Dad webcomic.

Mostly, the collective was formed to make films. We’ve made a few now, and our last two are award winners. Our film, Your Top Three, was a Top 10 finalist in the 100hr Film Race 2020-2021, and Head Case was not only a Top 15 finalist for the 72hr Horror Film Race 2021, but won best VFX as well.

Our Youtube channel is here.

There will be a lot of changes, but our aim is ultimately the same as the blog was: to make cool stuff and share it with anyone that’s interested.

Thanks for reading, thanks for following! We’re on twitter @barigord

– Selftaughtcommander aka Josh Hallem


  1. Best wishes for your filmmaking! I’ve been backing away from Magic the Gathering myself in recent months to the point where I no longer write about it at all. So, I completely agree with your assessment to rebrand in order to help your own creative endeavors!

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