About Barigord Studios

Barigord Studios is a small multidisciplinary artist collective in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

The studio was formed initially as Team FOMONoMo (short for Fear Of Missing Out No More) to compete in the 2020 24hr Film Race by Filmracing.

After significant equipment upgrades over the course of months, Barigord Studios was officially formed to compete in the 2020-2021 100hr Film Race. Our entry, entitled ‘Your Top 3‘ was a Top 10 Finalist.

We created a Youtube Channel for our content, where all of our films can be found, and you can find us on Twitter @barigord. Many people know us for this video of a hummingbird catching snowflakes outside our front window.

Our next film, ‘Head Case,’ was created for the 2021 72hr Horror Film Race. It was not only a Top 15 Finalist, but won the award for Best VFX.

Later in 2021, we started making stop-motion films mostly using Lego bricks, and were lucky enough to take part in the Steveston Salmon Festival 2021, and BC Culture Days 2021.

We are currently seeking funding and/or support to expand production, take on a webseries or two, and develop our in-house written content.

In addition to film-making, our artists are painters, musicians, stop-motion animators, motion-capture artists, dancers, writers, and even Arts Administrators.


Andrew Wade


Andrew is a playwright and actor, well known across Canada for his hit shows in the Canadian Fringe Festival series. He has a wealth of experience across theatre as a performer, including the Musical variety and puppeteering, and is an extremely promising video editor. Barigord Studios offers Andrew a new level of reach and production support to continue to develop his already great content. His guilty passion is the intersection of sport and high drama in Professional Wrestling, and in the waning moments of close Vancouver Canucks games.

Charlene Happy



Charlene is a well-established figure in the Vancouver Cosplay and Convention community. She is also an accomplished visual artist and designer, drawing inspiration from animation, food, and fantasy. She is rapidly growing as a production designer for film, including wardrobe, makeup, and overall visual concept. Barigord Studios empowers her to get her designs seen and appreciated, and challenges her to take on new roles, like acting. Charlene also enjoys gaming, and plays Dungeons and Dragons regularly.

Ramiro Cuenca Sabido


Ramiro is the DOP, VFX supervisor, and composer for Barigord Studios. Originally from Veracruz, Mexico, he moved to Vancouver in 2012 and has worked in the film and videogame industry ever since. Ramiro grew up watching cartoons and animation, and has a very heavy French film influence (especially Georges MeliĆ©s and Luc Besson). Ramiro’s quote on life is: “Following your dreams will be hard, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it”..

Josh Hallem


Josh is a longtime veteran of film, theatre and motion capture. After a major back injury sidelined a breakout TV acting career, Josh changed focus to producing, writing and directing his own content through Barigord Studios. This not only allows his to express and develop his ideas, but cast himself in the roles he wants to play. He is now fully recovered from the injury, and is back doing motion capture. He has begun editing as well, and is the primary builder and stop motion creator for the studio. Josh is an avid gamer, and often designs levels for Super Mario Maker 2. He also plays and writes about Magic the Gathering, a fantasy card game.

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