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Welcome to the blog! Please stay healthy during these troubled times! Here’s the latest and greatest.

Commander Challenge is a local casual/competitive Commander tournament I play in. I do write ups of my games and decks. Coverage of the most recent Challenge will be up shortly. I recently completed a cycle of mono-coloured decks with a green deck in February’s second Challenge, covered here. February’s first Challenge, where I played a Valentine’s Day deck, is here. January’s Challenge can be found here. I also have coverage of the Challenges in December, and the breakdown of the Challenge on the 7th as well as the Challenge from the 21st are both up!

I’ve been covering Commander Staples! What is a Staple? Start here, with the answer to that question, using the immortal Sol Ring as an example. The archive is here.

New Challenger Decks are coming in April! Want to know if there’s anything in them for Commander players? Check out my breakdown here.

Theros is back! I’m taking a look at devotion, through the lens of another Theros mechanic, enchantments. Check out ‘Devoted to Enchantments‘ which is going to be a short, 3-part series. Part 1 is here. Part 2 is here! Part 3 is here! Not so long ago I reviewed the early Theros spoilers and the 2020 Commander schedule. And I even covered the Chaff of Theros, the hidden gems among unwanted commons and uncommons from the set!

The most recent Phyrexian Dad webcomic is here. Want to start at the first of the series? Right here. The Archive is here.

Cheers to the useful new lands in Throne of Eldraine! I’m slowly breaking down all the Utility Lands in Magic. Black, Blue, Green, Red, and White are all up! Multicolour Identity is also up. Rainbow Colourless and True Colourless lands will be up at some point.

I love building decks! Deckbuilding is possibly the best part of Magic for me. I write about this often. My most recent build, Searching for Bobby Kenrith, a Chess deck, is covered here (and linked to the list here). My own decks are listed here.

I enjoy writing Set Reviews. I wrote an in-depth review of Throne of Eldraine recently. I covered the legendaries and planeswalkers in Part 1, artifacts and lands in Part 2, and all the rest, including Food and Adventures, in Part 3. Too long? I wrote a summation here.

I recently posted a ‘Review review’ for Core 19. You can find it here. Core sets sometimes sneak under the radar. Is there anything worth picking up now that the set has rotated from Standard?

Greener Magic explores ways to be more eco-conscious while playing Magic. I wrote a short look at some issues Magic has with packaging. It’s here.

Thanks for reading! The more likes and comments you leave are more incentive to give this lots of energy. Cheers!


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