Broken Into….

broken glass on wooden surface

Hey friends of Barigord Studios!

Sad news to report. Last evening we were broken into, and among other things, my computer was taken. While there is some faint hope it may be returned, it is likely gone, and with it my ability to do things like maintain this site easily, and edit film.

Without it, there’s going to have to be some hiatus for content as I figure out how and if I can replace it.

I’m really glad we managed to get Brixie Plastique’s Drag Race Season 14 Snatch Game in, and if you saw what was up next, you’d really feel for the loss of the computer.

Luckily the thief left our external hard drive, which has our files and such on it, and I keep a very old backup computer around that I’m able to work from now. But it’s very limited.

I hope this is just a temporary setback, and we are able to produce content and take clients again going forward!

Cheers! And make sure your windows and doors are secure!

Josh @ Barigord Studios


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