The OR Festival 2022 – The Plays

Hey theatrical people! Just a couple of short weeks ago, we covered the OR Festival 2022, at the Moberly Community Centre in Vancouver, BC.

What does covered mean? Well, we went and recorded their dress rehearsal performances with our cameras and gear, so that the plays could be shared with the people who didn’t get to see them.

Check out our Introduction to the OR Festival 2022 post for more details!

The plays are linked below, but if you think we should have embedded them instead, leave a comment!

*Content Advisory* These are short plays, in Dress Rehearsal, and were designed for a sitting audience, and not the camera. It was our privilege to record them, and yours to view. They are works in progress, experiments, and expressions of feelings and ideas, by artists in various stages of their careers. They may contain content that raises questions, challenges norms, and creates divided opinions. Some content may need to be explained to younger audiences.

The OR Festival is focused on innovative and adventurous storytelling, and provides a safe environment to tell these stories. Please respect these developing voices and artists, and their content, even if it does not speak to you or represent you.

In order of presentation:

Dry Rot‘ by Jordyn Wood

Epic Insomnia‘ by Alyssa Formosa

Civil Court‘ by David Volpov

The Funeral Plot‘ by Nicholas Guerriero

The Anglerfish Love Story‘ by Kevin Hatch

Sama’s Here, There‘ by Brishkay Ahmed

The End of (Straight) History‘ by Julian Legere

Thanks for supporting live theatre! Helping one of our oldest art forms to thrive and evolve is worth your time! Give back to the artists in your world whenever you can!

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