The Barigord Art & Film Weekender – 07/25/23 – The Steveston Grand Prix of Art

This is the weekly wrap-up of what’s happening in the world of Barigord arts. While we’re probably best known for making films, we dabble in all sorts of other art forms. Plus we love to share and connect! Leave a comment or a link so we can see your artwork too!

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Hey there artsy people! The Steveston Grand Prix of Art happened this past weekend! I also work on weekends, and this was a very busy one, and this edition of the weekender is a Tuesday edition. Ah well. Let’s talk about the Grand Prix!

The Landscape

There were a staggering 35 painting locations all around Steveston. So many that it would tough to even visit them all in the time limit of the Grand Prix.

I was given a spot right out on the water, which was amazing and terrifying, as there were gaps in the wooden pier structure big enough to eat paints and brushes and cell phones and all sorts of equipment. Luckily, nothing fell in.

The day was beautiful, but the light changed a lot from dull to shiny.

Each location had about 4 artists. In addition to me were a young artist working in oil pastels, and two older artists, one working in watercolour, and the other in either oil or acrylic on stretched canvas. It was unclear if the older ones were amateurs or masters. All 3 were very talented and produced incredible pieces.

It’s funny, now that I think about it, I’m pretty sure they all painted ‘the other boat’ to some degree.

The Portrait

There were two boats right in front of us. One, the ‘Master’ was a proud, elegant thing, all white with rich brown trimmings. I asked if it had a bumper sticker saying ‘My other boat is the Commander’, but nobody really got the reference.

The young artist and the watercolourist both focused directly on the Master. I’m pretty sure the other artist had it on the left of a much wider composition, but it was there.

When I said ‘the other boat,’ I was talking about the Master, because there was only one boat for me. Next to the Master was a junk boat, which is kind of a silly thing to write, because junk is the term for boat in Chinese dialects. It’s like saying there was a boat boat.

The word junk means a bunch of different things, and can be confusing. A junk has nothing to do with garbage or actual junk, though as multi-purpose boats, some have undoubtedly been used to haul junk at some point.

Anyways, it was a bright orange, and I’m a sucker for that. Here it is, plus my painting! The picture is a little reflective in close, but what can you do.

The Film

I don’t have much to say about process, and I’m no professional. I just kind of go at it. But I am eager to share what I did, and give you all something of my experience.

So we filmed it. Andrew Wade and Charlene Happy did the camera work, and we also had Babak Karaee taking photos. Charlene has been my plein air painting coach through the process as well.

Huge thanks, by the way, to Charlene. The best support I could ask for, and I’m endlessly grateful for your friendship!

The film is, of course, in a bunch of unedited pieces and photos right now. I’ll be working on it through the week, and ideally have a cut for next week’s weekender. On the weekend this time. Watch out for it!


The Grand Prix was really incredible. I feel like I did my best, and produced something I’m surprisingly proud of.

I’m also extremely humbled. I saw a lot of other paintings by other competitors. I’m not down on myself by any means, but I’m very aware that I plunked down in front of a thing and reproduced it as best I could.

These others interpreted what they saw. They had styles and palettes and made choices that I wouldn’t think to make. They had compositions that blew me away, and made strong, confident marks that sent my strategic mind reeling. I’m sure with years of practice and such, I can make the kinds of choices they make, but I’m a hobbyist.

This was a studied, committed field, and like I said, I’m humbled. Great work, all you talented competitors! I hope to see you all again next year!

Thanks for Reading!

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