The Barigord Art & Film Weekender – 07/15/23 – Plein Air Week 4 & Andrew Wade’s Fringe Reviews

This is the weekly wrap-up of what’s happening in the world of Barigord arts. While we’re probably best known for making films, we dabble in all sorts of other art forms. Plus we love to share and connect! Leave a comment or a link so we can see your artwork too!

Last week’s post can be found here.

Hey there artsy people! The Steveston Grand Prix of Art is only one week away. It’s an outdoor (en plein air) painting competition in Steveston BC. I’m competing this year, and I’m at week 4 of Friday practice. How’d I do this week?

Andrew Wade has spent the last couple of weeks in muggy Toronto for the Toronto International Fringe Festival! There aren’t many shows left, but there are some very interesting reviews. How did Andrew do with Hullaboo (& the End of Everything)?

Let’s go!

Trees are Tough

This week was the hardest yet as far as outdoor painting was concerned. I’ve struggled a bit with trees, and how to get their various colours in without them becoming geometric and cartoony. Naturally, Charlene decided we were going to a park!

Central Park in Burnaby is a nice little foresty place, with some ponds and geese and live music and more geese and a pool and soccer stadium and a few more geese. It was pretty relaxing.

On our way to one of the ponds, we passed a little tent setup thing, with a sign that said Sounds Like Summer. Later, as we got going painting, we heard them! Sounds like the Summer! Actually it was singers. They were actually really good. They did mostly R&B, and the song they did that stuck out was the Fugees’ ‘No Diggity’. Not an easy song, and they really killed it. Well done, Sounds Like Summer!

We painted near the pond, by a bench, close to some bollard/stanchion/wood things – all of which are in the painting – and a whole lot of trees. I used every green I had plus some I had to mix. Here’s what I did.

All things considered, this is probably the best thing I’ve ever painted. The underpaint was violet.

Andrew’s Reviews

Without further ados:

Don’t you wish you’d seen the show now? Maybe they’ll put in on in Vancouver sometime soon!


This has been a really good week. I’m feeling pretty good about the Grand Prix, and Andrew has got to be feeling good about those reviews. This time next week, the Grand Prix will be over and I’ll be exhausted and covered in paint. Andrew will be back, and will have filmed the whole thing. Watch out for it!

Thanks for Reading!

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