The 100 Hr Film Race Starts Today!

Hey film lovers! We’re not far away from the start of the 100 Hour Film Race 2021! What is a film race, you ask, well it’s a short time period where teams of filmmakers take some required elements and turn them into a film. The elements are given at the start of the race, and no production can happen until they are given.

There are variations on this sort of contest all over the world. We go through, which has been running in North America for over 20 years now. This is actually the first race after the 20th anniversary race, which is pretty cool.

The 3 races run by filmracing are the 100hr, the 24hr, and the 72hr Horror. We’ve been competing in these since last summer. We did the 24hr in June of both 2020 and 2021, and were finalists in the 2020 100hr, and the 72hr Horror 2021.

Last year, we were top 10 with Your Top 3, which you can see below. The required elements were: THEME – Alone, ACTION – Mailing a letter, and PROP – A knife.

We like to poll our people and see if anybody can guess what this year’s elements are. I’ll be posting those later, and will try and keep regularly updating both this site and social media through the race! You can follow us on twitter @barigord

Wish us luck! This is the longest of the races, and we’re pretty hardened to the short timeframes, but that means we have to make something quality. Can we do it? Yes we can!

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