100 Hr Film Race – Our Guesses on Required Elements

question mark on chalk board

Hey film lovers! In just under an hour, we’ll get our required elements for the 100hr Film Race. Very exciting. They will be a THEME, an ACTION, and a PROP.

As a tradition, we ask all of our Barigord Studios extended universe for their guesses on these elements, for fun and our own curiosity. Are we on the same wavelength of the festival organizers?

Here are our guesses, in no particular order.

Ramiro – T: Lost, A: Running, P: A Watch

Andrew – T: Family, A: Winning, P: A Door

Phil – T: Revenge, A: Laughing, P: A Sign

Josh – T: Insecurity, A: Throwing something away (as trash), P: Soap

Actual Required Elements – T: Deja Vu, A: Filing Something, P: Rope or String.

Well, we were all way off! Maybe next time!

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