‘Noggin’ – A Rowing Robot

Hey there people! Yesterday we had the immense privilege of travelling to Richmond, BC, and interviewing Mr. Aaron Turner, a local tinkerer who has built a very cool robot. Here’s the teaser that I threw together late last night!

The robot is named ‘Noggin,’ and is remotely controlled. We took a full interview and plenty more footage, and have a mini-documentary in the works. Very exciting! Mr. Turner was an awesome interview, and the details of Noggin and its creation are fascinating! Mid-December ideally.

We were speculating on what a robot creator is called. Is a tinkerer appropriate? If you go by Star Wars, and we know Mr. Turner is a fan, a robot creator would be a ‘Maker.’ Any which way, well done, Maker! There were times filming that I forgot we were looking at an automated thing. The movement is just exquisite, and so well thought-out. Not to mention the details on Noggin itself.

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