The 100 Hour Film Race Has Begun – What Happens Now?

Hi out there. Once again, Barigord Studios has registered a team for a film race with and are ready to compete by making a short film in only 100 hours.

Are we crazy? Well, we’ve done it before. This is the fifth in a row, and we’ve been finalists twice, including in last year’s 100 hr race. That was a bit of a breakout for us, and justified a lot of the things that followed. It legitimized us more than any hummingbird video ever really could.

I’m actually writing this just before we get our required elements, the THEME, ACTION and PROP. Allcaps for them. REQUIRED.

But I wanted to give a window into how we do these crazy things, and that starts by letting you in on what happens after we get those elements.

First off, we have a writing team. This time, it’s me (Josh), with assistance from Andrew and Ramiro, and anyone else who has useful input. Direction is going to be done in a similar fashion. And both editing and overall producing.

Ramiro is our primary eyes as DoP, and Andrew is our primary ears as sound engineer. Ramiro usually likes to be in charge of atmospheric sound/soundscapes, and Andrew will also probably act.

We have a number of other actors lined up, most for a very short sequence or two. I’m included in that group, although since we’ll have me the whole time, I might have a larger acting role. I have a gross beard that can be cut down to all sorts of fun shapes and sizes, or just left gross.

We don’t really have a budget this time. We have our own equipment, studio and loads of materials to make sets and props out of. We have a large green screen, and many other smaller ones, which is an option. I don’t anticipate spending anything other than transit fare and some coffees.

It’s almost here, so I’ll wrap up by telling you what’s in my head as a writer. I’m thinking less wordy and more feely. I’m inspired by a fellow artist I talked to today who exploring the silhouette of a familiar object. He was in it for the shape, the contrast. I want to draw from that. I’m planning to storyboard, which might mean more visuals than conversations, but that’s not really saying anything. I feel like whatever it is will be passionate.

It’s here. Here’s our required elements

THEME: Deja Vu

ACTION: Filing Something

PROP: A Rope or String

I’ll be doing my best to post updates, but it might get very crazy here. See you on the other side with a fully realized film!

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