Lego Racing on the Stop Motion Speedway

Hey animation lovers! We’ve currently got a huge Lego racecourse set up in the studio. How huge? a massive 12 baseplates (3×4) with another available to cover some of the off-track territory that the camera might see. Our intention has been to try some stop-motion racing. We’ve got a concept in our pipeline that’s built around racing, and we might be able to get a proof of concept, or possibly even the series itself out of stop-motion animation.

This is a test video of a single lap on the course. The lighting and angles could use some work, and we definitely need to do multiple laps. As far as determining a winner, we’re looking at an RNG-based system that makes it a game for the model-movers. Dice rolls!

Feel free to let us know what you think, and watch out for more content like this on the Sammy’s Salmon Speedway.

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