Thriller Flash Mob – A Fundraiser for Kazi & Vai

jack o lantern

Hey Hallowe’en people! We know you love all the stuff of the season, much of which can be found in a Spirit Hallowe’en Store. In one particular store, you could also find a horrible horde of shambling ghouls… until a familiar beat kicked up….

We would like to thank Spirit Halloween for allowing us to infiltrate their premises. 
Each of the blood-curdling Zombies dancing THE THRILLER have contributed to Kazi and Vai’s ongoing GoFundMe Page. With their dance moves, they are casting a spell to manifest the beautiful reality where Kazi and Vai may live together for good. You can help too! We are so grateful for every donation.
Thank you for watching this video! It means eternities to us.

To donate now, click here:

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