The Specialists – A Stop Motion Short

Hey there fabulous people! It seems like we’re in pretty deep on this Lego stop-motion thing. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and it really bridges a lot of the gaps that indie filmmakers normally have to stop at. We can now do a bigger scale, with sets, props and vehicles that wouldn’t be possible if we had to somehow negotiate those things out of reality.

Here’s a cool short we made last week. It was written by Andrew Wade, and was really useful to figure out some walk cycle logistics. Walk cycles are hard for Lego guys because they don’t have knees or their own centre of gravity for balance. It also let us try some interesting moves like the snowtrooper falling over. Next up are some races! We’ve built a massive 12 baseplate racecourse, and we’re going to try some good, old-fashioned speed based competition. Watch out for it!

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