Barigord Super Mario Maker 2 Levels

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Hey gamers! Do you enjoy the incredible range of creativity available in Super Mario Maker 2? So do we at Barigord Studios. Some of the stuff people make is flat-out incredible, and we’ve created some cool levels of our own. Cool enough to post here, anyway.

Barigord Maker ID: VWQ-17R-MQG

We’re also really lucky to have Kirky Plays (Kirkyeehee), a popular streamer, play our levels!

Here’s the playlist!

Fun and Silly Levels

Katamario: QQG-TRD-Y1G – Roll roll roll! Please your King and collect coins for his amusement! Get bigger and roll up the world!

Mario’s Action Movie Audition: TQM-G2R-XJF – Fly the unfriendly skies as Chris Pratt, entertainment man!

Mario’s Horror Movie Audition: MP6-97S-DVF – Now’s the time to show off your death scene! Then take back the streets!

Mario’s Spy Movie Audition: FLD-4W9-DHF – Spy hard, ski hard, martini hard, infiltrate hard.

Mario’s Comedy Movie Audition: KBY-3H4-KLG – Bring the funny, save the baby, get the part!

Mario is So Tired: 4FH-07Q-DPF – Rent a nice room, then silence those noisy neighbours!

Chilldown Island: RWT-45P-5MF – Travel to the island for some fresh, cool minigames!

The Legend of Zelda Levels – Longer, quest-style NES levels packed with secrets and great visuals!

The Skewered Sword Part 1: 6XD-H3S-9RG – A parody of the Skyward Sword! Impress Zelda with your flying skills!

The Skewered Sword Part 2: QBT-LXT-RWF – A parody of the Skyward Sword! Raid the Forest Temple!

The Skewered Sword Part 3: 4FT-Y91-6HF – A parody of the Skyward Sword! Burn down the Volcano!

The Skewered Sword Part 4: 1C9-KYX-PXG – A parody of the Skyward Sword! Turn back time in the Desert!

The Skewered Sword Part 5: 9MR-CPF-X9G – A parody of the Skyward Sword! Fly into the Storm!

The Skewered Sword Part 6: M0R-5RB-JJF – A parody of the Skyward Sword! Brave the Silent Realm!

Storm the Dark Fortress: KDM-VQ1-5PF – Show your ninja skills: infiltration, climbing, jumping, swordplay, archery, puzzle-solving, princess-rescuing, and of course, peaceful tram riding. Is the boss really 4 screens high? Find out for yourself!

Froggy Day: 12V-493-32G – It’s not easy being green. Find out what’s puzzling all the frogs in the swamp!

Enter the Dragon… Airship: YD4-L9Y-0KF – Take down the terror of the skies with clever puzzle-solving

Yes, We Have No Eponas: W0J-9SW-TRF – If you can’t ride a horse or a Yoshi, what’s the next best thing?

Wake Up, Link!: 955-DX9-27G – A parody of Link’s Awakening. Find the Giant Egg!

Breath of the Garlic: 9C8-084-JDG – A parody of Breath of the Wild. Find all the Divine Beasts or kick down Ganon’s front door!

Mario 51 – A short sequence of SMW levels inspired by UFOs. Puzzles, story, ‘cut scenes’ and branching paths, where the player can choose from fun or hard difficulty.

1: M04-NC6-L9G

2: CN8-G41-CTG

3: VC2-W4R-21G

Krakatoa – 5 difficult SMW levels inspired by climbing an active volcano.

Foothills: 5PV-SRY-DRF

Headlands: K95-N01-6JG

Ascent: 7V0-JBG-DVG

Caldera: 5F0-HJM-12G

Temple Krakatoa: 72B-K7T-5WG

Fast and Frantic – These courses are best played as Multiplayer courses.

Canopy: PP0-TCG-16G – Pick a path through the treetops! Find the coins and get out fast!

Vertigo: M4J-3SV-SLF – Go fast, go hard, and go… upside down? A finger workout!

The Race to Make First Contact: 0DW-2H0-90H – UFOs are real, right? Fun and fast spaced out action!

Bankrolling in the Deep: RW2-2K2-M1H – Take a deep dive and get out with some sweet loot!

The 3:10 to Yoshi City: HR2-V18-F6G – Rob Roy’s train and get to the engine!

Pinball – These mostly Super Mario World courses are designed like huge pinball tables. Grab 250 coins and go, or try and find some secrets.

Pinball Caverns: 1R4-XHH-STF

Ghostly Pinball: CXD-DWH-X9G

Airship Pinball: RX1-0YL-2PF

Ice Cold Pinball: K3X-9GD-SLF

Castle Pinball: CDN-S1C-CNF

NES Trio Pinball: KYK-Y8K-RTG – SMB1, SMB2, and Link!

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