The 24 Hour Film Race – Wrap Up

We did it!

As we discussed afterwards, the 24 hr is the hardest of the film races. We started our upload at 6:57pm PST, which is 3 minutes before the deadline. This is mere moments after the film had finished rendering, and whatever else our editing program needs to finalize before it’s a movie.

And what a movie! Despite the 24 hr timeframe, and a few minor sound issues, this is unquestionably our best work. It’s a shame we can’t share it immediately, but as per the rules of the contest, we can’t release the film until we get the go-ahead from Filmracing.

Our film is called ‘The Avian Cipher.’ It’s under 9 minutes, which is something we aimed for specifically. We’ve made some long films in these film races, and we wanted to do concise. It’s based around the given elements of Mistaken Identity (theme), a Bag (prop), and Turning a Knob (action).

Without giving away too much, our film is about the glorious intersection of international espionage and awkward romance. Call it a Comedy Thriller.

We’ve had a hummingbird feeder out front, and have been treated to some glorious moments caught on film. Recently we added a delightful ant moat. Some of the pollinator-friendly perennials we planted this spring are about to bloom too. The movie is no small tribute to our relationship to the little birds who brighten our days, especially during the pandemic.

The birds made their presence felt during filming, with insistent cheeping in some of our audio tracks, and one pooping on the shoe of one of our actors.

Thanks to cast/crew. The slash is because everybody who worked on the film appears in the film.

Thanks to Andrew Wade, who wrote some amazing dialogue, gave a tremendous acting performance, stepped in to help direct, and then achieved full hero status as our EDITOR. What more can be said? This film is a bold display of your considerable talent.

Thanks to Charlene Happy, our master of disguise, gender-bending, and design. It all looks so good, and you’re the reason we were able to pull off espionage at all. You gave gravitas, intrigue, and style in both performance and design, and it’s all so delicious!

Thanks to Kiki Faye, the new kid, still fresh out of film school. You’ve made quite the impression. Your performance in the film is very strong, and you were fantastic to have as an assistant director/crew member. Just keep on the path you’re on, it’s going somewhere!

Thanks to Olivia Etey, our Vanda Black for the third straight time. You kick ass! You’ve been exactly what we needed every time, with an astonishing combination of enthusiasm and humility. It is a privilege to create roles for you!

Thanks to Victor Krefting, who has been in all four of our Film Race films! For someone who doesn’t identify as an actor, you’ve got so many of the tools. We can always rely on your intelligence and sartorial sensibilities for a thoughtful, great-looking performance. You make it easy for us. Believe it!

Thanks to Gagun Chhina, who most of us met for the first time on Saturday. You were perfect. I really hope you liked what we did! It is people like you that make projects like this happen: someone who’s willing to drive half an hour, park in Metro Vancouver, meet up with a strange bunch of filmmakers, and then be filmed doing something that they’ll hopefully explain later. I’m so glad we had a mutual friend in David C. Jones. That name is synonymous with positive connection.

Finally, thanks to Ramiro Cuenca. One by one, you’re putting all the doubts to rest. The proof is on film. With one arm in pain from a Friday-morning vaccine, and the other in a sling, just a week out of major surgery, you still managed to point the camera in the perfect direction every time. And the lights. And the action. This is one we can show off, regardless of how long it took to make.

I am immensely proud of this film and our people. I can’t wait to show it off.

If you have questions about the film race, our process, or Barigord Studios in general, please don’t hesitate!

Josh Hallem – Producer of The Avian Cipher for Barigord Studios

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