The 24 Hr Film Race – At the Half

Hey film enthusiasts! Barigord Studios is currently just over halfway in the 24hr film race. It’s been a crazy ride so far, and I’ll try and lay out some updates without giving away too much of what we’re doing.

We’ve doubled down on each of the required elements of Mistaken Identity, A Bag, and Turning a Knob. Multiple mistaken identities, multiple knob turns, and an exciting 2 bags!

Personnel – Our cast includes Olivia (who squeezed us in between a Baby Shower, a long drive, and sleep before a big stage show tomorrow. How does she do it?) and Victor, who’s squeezing us in between viewings for a new apartment today. Kiki’s part was wrapped last night, but Kiki helpfully stayed on and propped up the rest of our sagging butts while we filmed some late-night finishing touches.

Our Director, Ramiro, was vaccinated yesterday for the first time, in the left arm. He might have gone with the right, but he’s still just over a week out of surgery on that shoulder. We’re doing everything possible to keep him from doing any physical stuff, but he’s so good with the camera, it just makes sense to have him do it.

We’ve decided against using a green screen for this production. We went with a large amount of locations, and using our living room as a living room made a lot of sense. We’re keeping it tighter and shorter this time. We hope.

Things are starting to move too fast for blog posts. See you all at the finish line!

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