The 24 Hour Film Race Starts Now!

athletes running on track and field oval in grayscale photography

The hour has come! We have just received our Theme, Action and Prop!

If you follow us on Twitter, you know that we took a few stabs at guessing what the elements will be. Here are our guesses:

Andrew’s guesses – Theme: Friendship, Action: Digging, Prop: Cookbook.

Ramiro’s guesses – Theme: Summer Days, Action: Nibbling, Prop: A stovetop coffee maker.

Charlene’s guesses – Theme: Love, Action: Walking, Prop: Apron.

Josh’s guesses – Theme: Wealth, Action: A secret handshake, Prop: A lightbulb.

Victor’s guesses – Theme: Seclusion, Action: Sleeping, Prop: A Sword.

The actual elements are – Theme: Mistaken Identity, Action: Turning a Knob, Prop: A Bag.

None of us were close, ah well!

We are beginning things with a short pitch session, where we’ll all present our ideas to the group, and then figure things out from there.

Watch for updates here and on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc. We’re going to try and get some behind-the-scenes stuff too! Wish us luck!

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