The Barigord Art & Film Weekender – 10/29/23 – The Lego Hallowe’en Grand Prix

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Hey out there kids of all ages! You don’t have to be an actual kid to love Lego, and if you know Barigord Studios, you know we do love us some Lego.

In 2021, I built a massive racecourse, using over a dozen large baseplates, and filmed a stop motion grand prix. We released a single heat and a trailer, but never followed up with the rest of the footage.

Until now.

It’s past time to release the Grand Prix, starting with the remastered Heat 1.

Here it is, featuring racers Worse Bunny, ProgressBot 2.0, Wolfdude Willy, and Brian S. & Brian Z., the Zombie Brians.

Heat 2 features racers Fangface, Buzzwick Brett, Jill O’Lantern, and the reigning champion, Bones McGee!

Heat 3 features Maleficor, Lord of Chaos, That Creature, Hollow Eve, and ‘Fancy’ Bat Fangerson.

Heat 4 features Rrrk and Krrrn, the Tourists, Gaspar the Driving Ghost, Edith Nightwhisper, and Doc Dale & Sweetboy.

The Semi Finals can be found by clicking here! Spoiler Alert!


We hope you enjoy the Grand Prix! Did you predict the winner?

Thanks for Reading!

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