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Hey out there film people! Recently, the makers of Vancouver’s Run N Gun 48 hour film contest launched their inaugural Sh*ts N Giggles competition. It’s longer and less intense. Comedy is encouraged, but not mandatory. This year’s theme, which had to be central to all film entries, was ‘Rebellion.’

I couldn’t resist making a film, even though I was pretty spent and there was barely 3 weeks to get it done when I discovered the contest.

I decided to really embrace the ‘Sh*ts N Giggles’ aspect of things, and try something I’ve wanted to try for many years: a backwards film. Not backwards chronologically, where the scenes happen in reverse order, but filmed backwards and then reversed in post for presentation.

That means the actors walked backwards, talked in a strange language of nonsense syllables, and embraced the unpredictable results.

Some things worked well, and others did not. Some things are indistinguishable from forwards, like most of the walking. Some of the words are tough to understand.

The narrative, such that it is, shouldn’t be taken too seriously. There are a number of layers, but overall, this was an experiment, and we learned a lot even if the film isn’t as comprehensible as it could be. We were not selected for screening by SNG, but I’m so happy we did this anyway.

Thanks to cast and crew for making this unique film happen.


ERAWEB gave us some unique tools to add to our kit. Who knows when or if backwards filming might come up again, but we’d be ready. I’ll be looking out for opportunities to use it, and I’m excited to see what unique possibilities it could bring.

Thanks for Reading!

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