This Week in Barigord Life – 07/27/23 – Potato Harvest!

Cooking, gardening, and coexisting with nature are funny things to think about as hobbies. They’re the mechanics of survival! But they can also be fun, and satisfying, and that’s what this weekly post is all about!

Last week’s post can be found here.

Hey out there! A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about using potato bags in the garden. Well this week, one of our bags got to the harvest stage, and today I harvested it! Wanna see?

All Eyes on Me!

This is one of our smaller bags. I bought these at Canadian Tire, and I’m not crazy about them. They’re not deep, and won’t produce many potatoes, as you will see. I’m thinking about putting something else in there next. Maybe beets.

The potato plants went yellow and died after a decent growth season, so there’s nothing else to do but harvest!

At least they’re easy to pick up and move around. Here I’m about to turn it over onto a bed where nothing’s growing on one side.

All dumped out. We can already see potatoes.

These two are pretty nice. Hope there’s more!

This many! Plus a couple little rotten ones. Not great, but still, that’s probably 3-4 portions for me.

Looking tasty after a wash.

Chopped up and ready for the oven! I tossed them with a little oil and herbed salt. I want to keep them simple. I also saved the two biggest ones for tomorrow. Potatoes go a long way. Even with a small return like we got, there’s a lot of food here, and it’s totally worth it. Especially since the seed potatoes were cheap or free, and I can re-use the soil and bag right away.

Roasted! I’m serving them with a mix of onions, zucchini flowers, and basil leaves, all sauteed in butter, then tossed with some tuna and mayo. Urban farm to apartment table!

Bonus Pics

Cute Pattypan squash!

Zucchini all greeny.

Future sauce.

Okra flower developing

Eggplant flower, maybe an eggplant someday soon.


This garden thing is so great! Are you doing it? Lots of people in my neighborhood are doing it this year. There’s a sweet patch of pattypans one street over. It’s simple, and the rewards are dinner!

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