The Barigord Art & Film Weekender – 06/24/23

This is the weekly wrap-up of what’s happening in the world of Barigord arts. While we’re probably best known for making films, we dabble in all sorts of other art forms. Plus we love to share and connect! Leave a comment or a link so we can see your artwork too!

Hey out there in the plain plain air! This is the first of a weekly post concerning all things Barigord arts. I’m going to touch on the film side, and then talk about a really cool visual art event I’m taking part in next month! Let’s go!


As you may know, we recently made the Top 10 of the 24hr Film Race 2023. Our film, ‘Window of Opportunity’ is a short comedy about decisions, consequences, and strange tastes. It stars Andrew Wade and Mateo Campos, both Barigord stalwarts, to say the least.

The film is currently under wraps, and will premiere during the 9th Annual Cobb International Film Festival (August 3-6, 2023). The Top 3 and the various category awards will be presented during the Festival Awards Program.

Our job now is to create a poster, trailer, and IMDb listing for the film. I was asked recently if there was a prize for these Film Races, and while I think the winner might get something, the prize is the poster, trailer and IMDb listing (and the laurel). Your film is legitimized. All of these are tools you can use for the future success of your film and your other films and your future films.

Visual Art

I’ve recently started a job as an Art Handler in a local gallery. It’s glorious. I’m super lucky to be able to enable artists, and just be around their work. We have a staggering amount of talent, and I’ll probably be posting some links going forward.

In high school, I seriously considered doing visual art as a life path. I had some ability, and a lot of passion for it, but performance arts found me pretty quick and that was that.

I still paint now and then, mostly for fun. I don’t really have a style or a focus, though distorted humans seems to be my primary subject matter. Possibly because I can’t paint non-distorted ones.

During the pandemic, I found LAOTY and PAOTY, short for Landscape and Portrait Artist Of The Year. These are TV competition shows where heats of Artists paint for 4 hours, either with a pre-chosen landscape, or a celebrity sitter. They are awesome, and the talent is incredible.

I’m a huge sucker for competitions, and for competition shows, and of course would love to do any and all of them regardless of how I’d finish. There’s no way I’d ever qualify for one of these shows, but there are local competitions I could join.

Enter the Steveston Grand Prix of Art. An ‘En Plein Air’ painting competition. En plein air means ‘outside’. It’s every year, but this year I heard about it, and I’m working at the gallery and watching these AOTY shows, and well, I’m entered.

There are levels. I’m in the amateur adult level. There’s a pro level, too. And kids. Good luck to us all.

While I also rarely paint, I also have never painted en plein air… up until yesterday. Charlene Happy, one of our Barigord core, is taking me to en plein bootcamp.

I actually think I did rather well. Here’s a photo of what I did. If you know where it is, post it in the comments!

It’s done in random acrylics, on a hot pink undercoat. I painted for just under 2 hours. The actual competition is 3, but we ran out of steam.

I’ll be painting once per week every week up until the competition, and posting them here. The plan is also to take the Barigord cameras down to the Grand Prix and film it, like LAOTY. So watch out for that!

That’s probably enough for a good first post! I’m really looking forward to sharing my paintings, as well as giving you a window into some of the filmmaking I’m doing, and have done. Thanks as always for reading!

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