The 24hr Film Race 2023 is Complete!

Well we did it!

We wrote, filmed, edited, and submitted a film we’re pretty darn happy with, all in 24 hours.

The 24hr Film Race is the toughest film competition out there, and just completing a film is a huge achievement. We’re very proud.

We can’t share the film yet. It has to get through judging, and if it makes the top 10 and becomes a finalist, we have to hold it back even more until it gets a proper premiere.

Here are some fun details we can share, however!

The required elements were Escape (theme), Counting (action) and Flame (prop).

We had 3 total racers. Myself, Andrew Wade, and Mateo Campos. You can see them both in many of our previous films, including The Conversation Killer, and Learn.

We made a very silly comedy called Window of Opportunity. It features Bocce, bug-eating, a Steve Guttenberg movie marathon, and more. If you love Cornsnake conservation, this movie is for you.

Catering was from Jollibee.

I’m sure there are more cool details we could share, but I’m so tired, so I’ll leave it up to you! Want to know something about the film races and how we attack them? Leave a comment or send us an email at

Thanks for watching!

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