The 24hr Film Race Starts Tonight!

athletes running on track and field oval in grayscale photography

Hey film lovers! It’s that time again….

We do the film races as a challenge, but also for the simple reason that you complete a film. That’s actually not so simple a thing, because a film is a ton of moving parts, but there’s a massive difference between a completed one and one that’s still in production somewhere.

Some films never get made. They get cast, and designed, and scripted, and even filmed, but editing is often a big killer. It takes a lot of time, and is a lot of effort. Squeezing it down into the scope of the film races, and all the compromises that go with doing that, are actually a fairly good way of producing content. It’s stressful, and tough on your personnel (which is one reason why I take on so much myself) but finishing the film race will also produce you a film.

We’ve done well in the past, and are always trying to win. It would be really nice to be a finalist, as we’ve got finals appearances for the 72hr Horror race (twice), and the 100hr.

Also because this is the hardest one. 24hrs. Make a film. For judgment by a panel of film people.

I’ll be putting up the required elements later today when they arrive, and update you on whatever direction we’re going it, if we’ve got that far. We won’t have much time.

If I have plans, it’s to come up with a short comedy. Simple, very few scenes. Not a lot of editing required. Nice to look at, but not overly bogged down with trying for great cinematography. Shot in the studio, which is home. Small cast, possibly only Andrew and myself.

We could do some sort of stop motion also. Again simple, but I have a lot of tricks to do toy or clay-based stop-mo fairly quickly. How you import into your editing software is pretty critical.

Here’s the film we made for the last film race, the 72hr Horror Race 2023. We finished Top 10 with a simple, short stop-motion film with 2 actors. It can be done.

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