Introduction to the OR Festival 2022

Hey drama mamas, and drama llamas! We here at Barigord Studios get a lot of really cool opportunities as indie filmmakers. We’ve done some crazy film contests, and taken on some really wild stop-motion projects, and done some bizarre experimentation. It’s great.

Recently we took on a project recording the 2022 OR Festival here in Vancouver. The OR Festival is an annual curated production of new short plays by emerging playwrights, staged and performed by emerging directors, designers, technicians and performers! Their website is here.

We have many connections to this festival, most notably with the festival producer, Olivia Etey. She has appeared as an actor in several of our short films, including our award-winning ‘Head Case.’ We also got to see our own Andrew Wade as a live puppet performer in one of the plays. Very cool.

Here’s the post with links to all the plays. They are presently unlisted on Youtube so you can only access them through this post.

There are seven plays, each running under 20 minutes. We’ve included a content advisory, as the plays are adventurous and experimental in nature, and it’s important to remember that they are stage plays, not short films. They weren’t blocked or lit with a camera in mind.

We would like to thank the OR Festival for being allowed to film the festival. It is rare that theatrical performance gets recorded, and even rarer that the recordings are successful. We hope we did a good job.

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