This Week in Barigord Life – 08/10/23 – 7 Days of Harvests

Cooking, gardening, and coexisting with nature are funny things to think about as hobbies. They’re the mechanics of survival! But they can also be fun, and satisfying, and that’s what this weekly post is all about!

Last week’s post can be found here.

Hey out there! I grabbed a picture of what I brought in from the garden each day for the last week. Want to see what we grew? This spans August 4th – August 10th, 2023!

Fri Aug 4 – A big yellow pattypan squash is the highlight. Lots of zucchini and squash flowers, along with some chard and endive. A few late season pea pods and a fabulous purple bean complete the picture.

Sat Aug 5 – Lots of flowers along with a nice little zucchini.

Sun Aug 6 – Just flowers, but lots of zucchinis growing. I would have taken greens, but I had dinner from another source.

Mon Aug 7 – Another cute zucchini and flowers. I’ve had enough flowers to eat some daily as well as share with my roommate and neighbours in the building.

Tue Aug 8 – Lots of big chard leaves, more flowers, a purple bean and a few blackberries.

Wed Aug 9 – Another massive flower haul, plus a few blackberries and the yield from one of our small potato bags. They were gorgeous. Crisp in a way you don’t get from store potatoes.

Thu Aug 10 – Beet tops, some straggler peas, lots of blossoms and a couple of big prizes: the first yellow zucchini of the season and a magnificent okra pod. I’m super proud of growing okra. This is a few pods already.

Bonus – I made muffins with a couple bananas, some cherries, some strawberry coulis, and the zucchini from Monday Aug 7th. Want that recipe? Let me know in the comments!


Year 2 of the urban garden is really fruitful. Every day is an exciting little harvest, and I’m not buying much in the way of store vegetables. If I can do this, in downtown Vancouver, you can too!

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