The 100 Hour Film Race Starts Tomorrow!

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Hey film people! We’re about to embark on yet another film race. This will be our 6th running. We’ve done the 100hr twice previously, the 24hr twice, and the 72hr Horror.

We’ve been finalists in the 2020 100hr, and the 2021 72hr Horror, and also nabbed best VFX in the latter. Pretty cool, and a couple of the films we’ve made have gone on to Shockfest Film Festival.

This time around, we’re hopefully another year older and wiser and all that, and ready to make something we’re all really proud of.

I’m the writer, director and producer. I will also probably have a small acting role, and be deeply involved in the editing. It’s complete and utter nonsense, and I’m so up for it. Turns out I love an absolutely insane challenge. Considering my love for reality competition shows, it’s probably no surprise. This is like film Survivor, or Chopped. Somewhere in the middle.

As the writer, my approach is a bit different this time in that I’m going out of my way to do a single room concept or something close to it. I don’t get to know much about what I’ll be writing, but I do know that we’ll be filming in our studio, and that can play a number of parts. We have a huge green screen, but that’s a lot, and hard to make it good enough in the allotted time.

I also know what actors we have, and what schedules they have, so that will shape what I write significantly.

I know I want to write a comedy, which is scary, because that’s so hard. But I can’t wait. I can’t wait to find out what our Required Elements are. One more sleep.

On that note, we have the guesses from our cast and crew as to what they’ll be.

As always, they are a THEME, ACTION and PROP. If anyone guesses right, they will win a Jollibee gift certificate, courtesy of me. I like Jollibee a lot.

Ramiro (Director of Photography, Producer) – Futuristic/The Future – Eating – An Anvil

Andrew (Actor, Producer) – An Omen – A Swat (like a fly) – A Hockey Stick

Phil (Actor) – Jealousy – A Firm Handshake – Chips and Dip

Jairus (Actor) – A Funeral/Funerals – Singing – A Water Pistol

Olivia (Actor) – Hugs – Nose Picking or Bathtub Moving – An Envelope Opener

Josh (Producer etc.) – Escape – Reading a Map – A Wheel

We only have 6 of our group making guesses, but I’m one of them, and I really hope I get the gift certificate!

Stay tuned to the website and twitter (@barigord) for updates. I’ll try and make them, and we might even have some behind-the-scenes photos.

Thanks for reading, and start those engines!

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