The Barigord Lego Hummingbird Spaceship

Hey builders! We here at Barigord Studios enjoy the Lego Masters TV show, and Lego in general. Last year, we took on the first challenge of their season, and built a parade float celebrating our film, Head Case.

This year, the contestants’ first challenge was to create a spaceship that represented them and who they are. Again, we took on this challenge and built this:

This Lego hummingbird ship has fully articulated beak, wings and feet. It has a back panel that opens and reveals a sugar-based power source. It also has a drop down base that reveals a hidden crew member.

The build took about 7 hours, with an hour or so of planning.

Please let us know in the comments if you like the build and want to see us do some more serious stop motion with it!


    1. Thanks. We’ve tried the opening challenge of each of the past couple seasons of Lego Masters (NA), though I’ve become really partial to the Australian version.

      1. The contestants are a lot more down to earth and real. They seem more interested in the Lego than the fame. The host is really good too.

      2. Thanks! I love reality tv. The kind where people accomplish stuff, not backstab each other. I would love to do it myself. There’s 3 Canadian teams on the US version, which is cool, and I’ve heard there’s a Lego Masters: China also. Maybe someday!

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