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The fact that you’re here is thanks enough. We don’t want to charge you, or hide our content behind paywalls.

We consider our audience to be everyone and anyone, and we appreciate that a big chunk of those people can’t afford to give us anything at all for our content. Some are kids. Some are people just like us.

We’re artists, and we’re self-supporting. We do what we do with the resources and funds we have. And that’s not a lot. We all have other jobs or revenue streams, and none of us ever have enough time to devote to creating.

If you have extra money, and want to use it to help us, you can contribute to us via Patreon.

If you do, or just have some feedback on Patreon, we’re looking for the best way to make it worth your while without holding back our content from the people who need to get it for free.

Thanks as always for reading! You make this worthwhile!

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