Brixie Plastique – Red, White and Blue Ghost Bride

Hey people! Here’s another message from Brixie Plastique!

Hey there you scary Larrys! This is Brixie!

I’ve got my werk cut out for me this week. I’m doing all the challenges that the girls on Drag Race Season 14 are doing, and that means a Teaser video and a J-Lo look!

While I figure that out, I’ve got some pics from a few photoshoots I did this week, and I’m sharing the first one with you!

We took my Red, White and Blue look from the Pair of Balls episode and went out to a spooky field near my apartment and took some pictures.

I’m ‘afraid’ my capes were starting to come apart, (frayed, get it?) but it only made me scarier.

More photoshoots coming over the next couple days! Watch out for em!

Love Brixie

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