Public Art by Barigord Studios!

Hey art lovers! Recently we did BC Culture Days, and as part of our whole deal, we created a model of Richmond’s Library and Cultural Centre. Well, they liked it.

Here’s our humble little model on display in the lobby of the building it’s built as. We’re so proud!

This is a double installation for Charlene Happy, who also painted 2 mini paintings (real ones, not printed out) that hang in the tiny gallery on the flip side of the model.

You can see both the building and the model in the opening moments of our short film, ‘Reconnecting.’

The film was also created in part with Culture Days, and the final part of the video, with all the dancers, was created in collaboration with visitors to the Cultural Centre during Culture Days. We had a make-your-own-minifig buffet, and once made, the visitors took their figs to the mini greenscreen and made some moves!

It is truly a joyful experience to have something you’ve created on display like this. Thank you to the City of Richmond for all the love!

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