More Artwork by Barigord Studios – Unconventional Fairies

Hey there colour mixers! Here’s some more artwork by Josh Hallem of Barigord Studios. That’s me! I painted these with a bunch of random acrylics on paper I made by hand. They are mostly inspired by watching Drag Race, and are not meant to be gendered, even though they present as female.

One of the great things about Drag Race is that it is mostly body positive. That means beauty isn’t defined by size, weight, etc. That’s rare to see in media. Too rare. It’s something that matters a lot to Barigord Studios, as talent has nothing to do with what you look like. Watching Drag Race, and looking back on my own experience in the film industry wearing makeup and prosthetics, and with motion capture, I’m convinced that there is no excuse not to prioritize talent.

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