The Lego Pride Monument in Stop Motion

Hey human rainbow! We love the Lego Pride Monument (‘Everyone is Awesome’) set a lot, and what it represents. We did a stop-motion build of it as a general tribute to everyone who loves and supports Pride, but as an extra layer of love, this is for our health care and other front line workers. You’re doing more than your fair share. We see you and we love you!

Sadly, the actual Pride Monument build is no more. Happily, we turned it into something else! Check out this early look at our build of the Richmond Library and Cultural Centre. Here’s a picture of our build and one of the real thing. See if you can tell them apart! Our build is going to be a part of BC’s Culture Days later this month! Check out our event here.


    1. Thanks! Almost every one of those bricks went into our Richmond Library and Cultural Centre model, which will be on display in that same building. They have an awesome mural outside in pride colours that stretches all around the building. It was a perfect fit!

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