The Steveston Salmon Festival Parade

Hey there readers! Barigord Studios is super pleased to show off our contribution to this year’s Salmon Festival Parade, in Steveston, BC. The actual parade was released on July 1st, a day widely commemorated this year with quiet contemplation and focus on children.

Here is the digital parade. We made the last 5 minutes. We’re so proud!

While we intend to release a full behind-the-scenes post, we’re all pretty tired. We pulled the entire 5 minute stop-motion video together in 1 week. For reals.

We’re so thankful the communities of Steveston and Richmond embraced our work, and let us build for them. Thank you again!

And here’s the video we submitted as our pitch, celebrating our short film Head Case. We’ve been approached by a couple of festivals about Head Case, and we’re very excited about sending it out into the world.

Thank you readers for your continued support!!

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