Magic the Gathering


EDH Deckbuilding – The Legendary Party Band
What could be better than combining Banding, Party and Legends in Magic the Gathering?
Answering Enchantments in EDH
What do EDH players do about enchantments? Especially if they're in black and red?!
EDH Deckbuilding – Jon Irenicus’s Valuetown Giveaways
Building around New Baldur's Gate Legend Jon Irenicus, Shattered One and the Goad mechanic!
EDH Tournament Report – Commander Challenge 5/21/22
Back to Commander Challenge, that casual Commander tournament, after a long break. How have things changed?
New Capenna Commander – Banger or Clanger?
It's time to review the Commander cards from Streets of New Capenna! Which ones are Bangers, and which ones are Clangers?
EDH Deckbuilding – Mari, the Killing Quill
Here's a new casual EDH deck list for Mari, the Killing Quill from Streets of New Capenna Commander. Hope the name on the contract isn't yours!
New Capenna’s Main Set Mythics – Banger or Clanger?
The Mythics of Streets of New Capenna should all be a bunch of Banger cards, right? Find out which ones are Bangers, and which ones are Clangers!
New Capenna’s Main Set Rares – Banger or Clanger?
There are 60 rares in Magic the Gathering's New Capenna. Are they Bangers or Clangers?
New Capenna’s Hottest Commons and Uncommons
New Capenna is full of warm, hot and super spicy cards. Which ones are common and uncommon?
The Top 10 Reasons Commander Sucks Right Now… And What to Do About It.
Do your Commander games suck lately? Want a shakeup? Here's ten problems and a ton of solutions to get back into the game you love!
Kamigawa Commander: Banger or Clanger?
Are the new Commander Decks for Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Bangers or Clangers? Plus a Top 5 list!
Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty
Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty is coming soon! Check out this review of the set and top 10 cool things to look forward to about it!
EDH Deckbuilding – The Name’s Bookman, Codie Bookman.
No permanents? No problem! Check out this sweet Codie, Vociferous Codex deck by Barigord Studios.
Our Modern Horizons 2 Box
We opened a Modern Horizons 2 Box! How did we do?
Wizards Against Apples – A Fun, Casual Game for Friends
Want a fun party game using game cards, like from Magic the Gathering? Try this variation on games like Apples to Apples and Match Game!
The Top 10 Reasons why Garth One-Eye is the Worst Card Design in Magic… Ever!
Modern Horizon spoiler season is here, but is Garth One-Eye a cool card or a huge stinker? Here's ten reasons it stinks!
My Strixhaven Prerelease Kit
Check out this review of a Strixhaven prerelease by someone who skipped spoiler season completely! Will there be passes, fails or flat-out suspension?!
Banned List Bonanza
Bans, bans and more bans! And a rule change too! How do today's offending cards figure in Commander? Check out this article to find out.
Deckbuilding – Revisiting Changelings
Why be one tribe in Magic when you can be all the tribes at once? With a sneaky discount from Commander The Ur-Dragon, this changeling deck gets it done.
My Kaldheim Pickups
Get the best of Kaldheim for under $30, with no rares or mythics needed. Check out this cheap bounty of playables!