My Commander Decks

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Hey Commander players! I heard you like decks. Decks of cards. Decks of Magic cards. These are the ones I’ve built. Some are fiercer than others, but they’re all from a casual mentality.

Decks will be added as I upload the lists to the site. I use Archidekt for sandbox building purposes, and you can find my specific lists there, including what version of the card I’m playing and the updated costs of the decks. But thanks to a recent upgrade and a plug-in by programmer Sebastian Zaha, I’m able to bring the decks to you! You won’t find tutor cards, because I don’t play with them unless I’m finding something legal to play in multiples, like a basic land.

Click the deck names to go to the breakdown, including list and strategy.

The Eldrazi MenaceKozilek, the Great Distortion – Love Eldrazi titans? Must end everything? Think coloured mana is too jank? Want to play Tron lands in Commander? All this and more.

Revel RevelXenagos, God of Revels – The name is for Bowie fans, but the deck likes to buff hexproof creatures like they’re my favourite coffee, extra large double double. Love crazy large unstoppable one-shot kills? Hope your opponents do, too….

Equip-Assisted SpeedrunAkiri, Fearless Voyager – This build is a tribute to video game speedruns. It goes fast, hits hard, and makes all the crazy tech jumps.

Oh the Humanity!General Kudro of Drannith – This build leverages Humans, especially enters the battlefield effects. Capable of exiling anything an opponent can throw at it, the deck eventually wants to win by milling opponents out.

Powerless Before YouNethroi, Apex of Death – This build mills itself aggressively, then on turn 7, mutates Nethroi with a full graveyard. The twist? All the creatures have 0 power, so they all come back no matter what. And they come back huge.

Poor GlissaGlissa, the Traitor – This is a commons-only build of Glissa. Harness the awesome power of cantripping artifacts on a serious budget.

The Unnecessarily Badass Suit UpMorophon, the Boundless – This is a Voltron-esque deck inspired by Rick and Morty. Cronenberg Morty is in charge, and the deck is built to create a sweet suit-up sequence that feels good!

Order out of ChaosThe Grand Calcutron – This is an illegal build, with a silver bordered Commander. Did you know TGC can be your Commander? Math your opponents into oblivion on the kitchen table!

Middle Child NarsetNarset, Enlightened Master – This is a budget build, made entirely of uncommons under a dollar. The plan is theft of my opponents’ best stuff, while being less oppressive than Narset has been in the past.

Punch Drunk DragonsSaskia the Unyielding – This build is for a friend who shares a love of the old school Magic of the 90s, Shivan Dragons, and Gruul carnage. Plus some thoughts on how to build decks for your less Commander-experienced friends.

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