This Week in Barigord Life – 09/07/23 – Urban Garden Photos

Cooking, gardening, and coexisting with nature are funny things to think about as hobbies. They’re the mechanics of survival! But they can also be fun, and satisfying, and that’s what this weekly post is all about!

Last week was a well-deserved week off. The previous week’s post can be found here.

Hey out there! Check out these photos from the urban garden, starting with some really cool bird visitors!

Above is a hawk that came and roosted in the branches outside our living room window. I’m pretty sure it’s a Sharp-Shinned Hawk. The size and the tail were giveaways. I’ve seen it once since.

Above is one of three Stellar’s Jays that passed through the yard. This one paused long enough for me to catch it atop the hummingbird feeder.

One of many many little bell peppers!

Tiny eggplant!

Delicious okra! I ate this one for dinner last night.

Nasturtiums. They took over the stone path.

Nasturtium flower and kale.

Food for our hardworking pollinators!

Another wave of pattypan squash on the way!

These zucchinis don’t know it, but they’re going to be muffins.

Leaving the flowers for the bees now. And they help by fertilizing some late-season fruits.

Yesterday’s nice little harvest. Those potatoes were amazing.

These 3 grew in the cinderblock border. They’re robust, and I’m giving them the heirloom treatment and letting them get some eyes and I’m going to plant them again in our bags. I have a few more rogue potato deposits like this one. Thanks squirrels.


The urban garden continues to be an oasis. The summer is winding down, but between late summer plantings, fall plantings, overwintering plants and plans for next year, it seems like there’s no end of garden goodness going forward!

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