Learn – Our 100hr Film, Premieres Today

Hey film lovers! We made a film!

Well actually, we make a lot of films. We’re what you might call a ‘fledgling’ studio. We’re learning to fly. Each of our films is an experiment and a series of learning experiences. Sometimes we’ve had to charge into the process without knowing what we were doing. We’ve made tons of mistakes. We embraced stop motion, and film racing, and we have a year of growth to show for it.

Recently, we made ‘Learn’ as part of the 100hr Film Race. They choose a set of finalists (15 this time) and we were not among them. Sadly for those finalists, it means they have to keep their films under wraps until the awards and screening in February, while we can release our film now!

The film is now live!

We’re doing some live chat for at least an hour starting at 5pm PST. Want to talk about the film, Lego, stop-motion, or anything else filmmaking? Drop in and chat!

*Spoiler for parents* – Learn has been described as ‘eerie’ and is probably a little advanced for children, but contains no blood/gore, profanity, or sexual content.

A couple of things were missed in the credits which I’ll mention here.

Thank you to Ian Hardacre!

The two pieces of music we used are:

My Island – by Sindrandi

It’s Not in Vain – by They Dream by Day

Both songs are courtesy of Epidemic Sound. epidemicsound.com

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