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Hey readers! Often bloggers and columnists will write an outro piece, detailing their grand exit from the page to whatever journey life has next for them, or something. Maybe it’s burnout, or expectations not meeting reality, but I’ve been there myself several times.

That’s the thing, I’ve been there several times. I’ve been dormant here for a while, but apparently I’m writing again now. These words didn’t form themselves.

But this is a “phase shift” column, because I can’t imagine pouring a ton of energy into writing about Magic the Gathering decks much longer. I continue to enjoy Magic, and when I have an opinion about it, I’m going to express it on this blog.

My current opinion is that there is a staggering amount of words on each card. They’ve started printing cards that need a second side to contain all the words, and now are cramming two cards together on one card, and both of those cards are super-wordy. I like words, but put enough of them together without thinking too hard about it and you get a mess. Ask an editor!

I’m not looking at Strixhaven previews, and am going to see the set when I open my SlytherPuff (B/G) prerelease kit, and then cave in and look over the set. I doubt I’m going to do a review because there are too many new legends to even consider building decks around at this point, and overall card power is making casual play difficult. Yes, you could build around that, yes that’s powerful in such and such a deck/situation. Yes, that probably needs a house ban. Too many of these things write themselves.

So, a phase shift.

I haven’t been too forthcoming about the other pursuits of my life, but these days my energy is primarily being spent as a filmmaker. I am one of the founders of Barigord Studios. We’re little, but we’re very productive, and we’ve already had some accolades. We entered the 24, 100, and 72hr Horror Film Races this past pandemic year, and were Top 10 finalists in the 100 hr for our film Your Top 3. We are also top 15 Finalists for the 72 hr Horror Race, and our film will be screened and awards announced on May 12th.

We’re also doing stop-motion, greenscreen, and lots of short & funny stuff. We’re trying to be slightly smarter than the old pie-in-the-face gag, but that’s still funny. Because it’s 1928, obviously.

I’ve actually been an actor for many years. My entire adult life, in fact. I don’t know how much I want to write about it, or how much anybody wants to read about it, but I suppose that’s in play.

This blog, in large part, has been to get me writing. Get in the practice, have it exposed to the public, and fall in love with the utility of it. I love writing, but I love the ideas it conveys more. Sometimes I want those words to make ideas that are without words. That’s where filmmaking becomes the medium I need. To give you a laugh or a twisted feeling in your gut.

I don’t know where the blog is going, or if it’s even going to be much of a part of my life going forward. Filmmaking takes a lot of energy and time. If this blog falls off for long stretches, you can find my creativity at:

We are also on twitter as @barigord. I’ve been posting a few Super Mario Maker 2 courses if you’re into that sort of thing. I’m terrible for designing long, parodic Legend of Zelda courses (9C8-084-JDG) and Mario 3 courses that are like pinball tables (1R4-XHH-STF). The linear path speedrun community would roll their eyes if they cared.

As always, thanks for reading!

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