Why write about Magic The Gathering?

Welcome to my blog. My name’s Josh and I play Magic: The Gathering. My preferred format is Commander. I like the fact that it’s Eternal – meaning you can play with nearly all the cards from Magic’s long history – and that it’s a singleton format. That means only one of each differently named card, other than basic lands. I like to build decks that don’t rely on game-winning combos, or singularly overpowered cards to win games. I also prefer not to use Tutors, cards that find a card in your deck and put it in your hand. I feel like they contradict the singleton aspect of Commander. No tutors? That means Self Taught.

I’ve found myself writing about Commander enough just on my own that I’m presenting some of my thoughts and ideas in this blog form. I enjoy preview season, and will probably do some product reviews, but my main focus is to try and have good games, so I’d like to write about doing that. I think there are aspects of deckbuilding, playstyle, and general personal conduct that optimize your gaming experience, but don’t necessarily involve killing your opponents as efficiently as possible. Commander is, after all, a casual format. Although organized play is happening, and I attend a monthly Commander ‘tournament,’ there are no real goals for the format other than fun and games. Follow me and this blog as I try out all sorts of strategies in pursuits of wins on and off the gaming table!

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