Barigord Studios 2022 Year in Review
How was 2022 for Barigord Studios? What did we do? How was our year? Check out this post to find out!
Our 100 hr Film – The Conversation Killer
While not finalists in the 100hr Film Race, we still made a cool film! Here it is, plus what happened with our plan for Unreal backgrounds!
The 100hr Film Race – So Far…
The 100hr film race is in full swing! How are we doing at Barigord Studios? Here's an update!
The 100 Hr Film Race has Begun
The time has come, and the 100hr film race 2022 is now on! Check out the required elements and see if any of us guessed right this time!
The 100 Hour Film Race Starts Tomorrow!
Barigord Studios is running our 6th Film Race! This time it's the 100hr. We were finalists in 2020… Can we make something awesome this time too?
My Adventures in Motion Capture
Want a little window into the world of Motion Capture? Here's a little look into the Mocap experience of Josh Hallem.
Noggin at Science World – September Schedule
Our short documentary Noggin premieres at Science World Tuesday Sept 6th at 11:30am, and will run daily through Sept at 11:30am and 1:30pm.
Noggin at Science World!
Noggin premieres at Vancouver Science World Sept 6th! Our short, all-ages doc will show multiple times daily in the Science Theatre (included with general admission).
‘Learn’ is an Official Selection of ShockFest 2022!
Learn, our short film created as part of the 100hr Film Race 2021, is an official selection of ShockFest 2022!
3 Simple Hacks to Make Stop-Motion Storytelling Easier
Need help using stop-motion to tell your story? Try these simple hacks to make things easier!
Hummingbird Lunchtime Video
2 minutes of hummingbird lunchtime to brighten your day!
Stop-Motion Tricks – 3 Cheap Must-Have Items!
Here's 3 cheap items that will help you achieve stop-motion filmmaking success!
Barigord Studios Presents – “Noggin” A Short Doc for All Ages!
Tinkerer Aaron Turner's latest creation, a remote-controlled rowing boat called Noggin, is a triumph of do-it-yourself ingenuity!
Barigord Studios in June 2022
What's happening at Barigord Studios this June?
Barigord Studios is Looking for Clients!
Need editing? Content creation? Short, fun filmmaking? Try Barigord Studios!
Brixie Plastique – The Snatch Game
Brixie Plastique is taking on the challenges of Drag Race Season 14! This time, it's the Snatch Game!!! Plus Bubblewrap Quickdrag and Holy Couture Runway!
Brixie Plastique – Photobomb Challenge and Shoulderpads Runway
Brixie Plastique takes on episode 9 of Drag Race season 14! Check out the Photobomb Challenge and Shoulderpads Runway!
Stop Motion Experiment – Real People, Liminal Spaces
Check out this filmmaking experiment we did at Barigord Studios, using live action stop-motion and some liminal-space style lighting!
Brixie Plastique – Girl Groups, Heart On Runway & Reading Challenge
Brixie Plastique takes on episode 8 of season 14 of Rupaul's Drag Race! This time it's the Reading Challenge, the Heart On runway, and Girl Groups!!
Brixie Plastique – The Daytona Wind Challenge & Chaps Runway
Brixie Plastique takes on episode 7 of RuPaul's Drag Race season 14! This week, it's The Daytona Wind and the Chaps Runway!